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who we are
Who we are

Tires is an Italian company owned by a group of companies in the metalworking and recycling sector which deals with the design,
construction and installation of waste recovery plants with in-depth knowledge in the field of recycling and transformation of end-of
life tyres.

Our background in the End-of-Life Tire recovery sector dates back to 1990 in which we developed technologies and applications of
the products resulting from recycling, which are still present on both the national and international markets today.

why choose Us

Supplying machinery and tire recycling lines

why us

The experience of supplying machinery and tire recycling lines has allowed us to refine technical details based on concepts in order of importance.


It is the principle with which machinery and production lines are engineered. The automation of the modules that make up the lines makes the machines safe and interconnected with each other without the operator having to carry out manual tasks in the various steps, eliminating the risk of danger. The line is equipped with automatic fire control systems and remote assistance, as well as the entire air filtration system which ensures harmless emissions of air only to the environment. The healthiness of the system is guaranteed by over 70,000 m3/h of air which allows you to experience the work
environment with a high level of quality.


Construction quality and efficiency for long time.
A careful eye foreseeing the future maintenance steps of the recycling machines, making them accessible and with interchangeability of wear components. Optimized energy saving of 20% as an economic benefit of our lines compared to the international market. Today more than ever, electricity represents a source not only of cost but also of CO2 emissions and its optimization is necessary for future generations.


Production quantity in the most extreme conditions: 100% of the most common waste car tyres. They are the smallest tires but also the most difficult to treat because they contain a high quantity of textile fibre. Producing quality in quantity from this type of tire is our trademark.

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Services Tires Recycling

Our machinery and lines for recycling waste tyres and synthetic turf


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The application markets of rubber granules and powders from used tyres


From synthetic grass for football and athletics tracks, through playgrounds and acoustic insulation in buildings. Rubber granules from the recovery of used tires today represent an undisputed benefit for a circular economy path.
It replaces an enormous quantity of virgin raw materials and the Environmental Impact balance plays favourably on its use.

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Info: +39 (0735) 70 28 51