VD1300 DISC SCREEN | Shredded Tyres

The VD1300 Disc Screen is a machine designed to be integrated into different waste recycling scenarios especially for tyres recycling plant.
It works on the principle of fluctuation of the product on the rollers, which is moving the product in the direction of travel, the passage between them occurs, obtaining separation by size.

The aim

Divide shredded pieces of uncontrolled tyres size into a defined size for subsequent needs, market needs or further recycling processes.

The capacity of Disc Screen VD1300

It has a peak input capacity of 15,000 Kg/h and an average of 11,000 Kg/h, offering accurate selection of smaller pieces as they pass between the rollers. The machine is set up with an adjustment of the distance between the rollers in order to better define the size of the shredded material. With an installed power of 3 kW, it does its work with an absorption of 0.0002 kW/Kg.

Body Machine

Made of carbon steel profiles and lateral inspection windows, the transmission is placed outside on a carter which can be inspected during movement.

Machine integration in the process plant of end-of-life tyres

The machine is placed between the shredder and the storage bulk of the shredded recycled tires. A recycling belt or belts must be set up to be able to return the larger size to the shredder for further cuts.
In our “Energy” Shredding Module project there are all the systems that allow us to produce shredded material from recycled tires with a controlled size.

The Energy module specifically for the VD1300 disc screen manages its speed and working torque.

VD1300 DISC SCREEN for shredded Tyres

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