Rubber Crumb Molding Plant | to made recycled rubber product from tyres | TMP

The recycled rubber crumb molding plant, to made product from tyres, represents the perfect example of closing circle circular economy.

In this Module, named TMP, the crumbs rubber are molded into Press Machine to produce Finished Product.

Aim of the plant

Plant is able to transform vulcanized crumb rubber granules and/or powders into a compact product.
Process integrates the entire rubber/binder mixture preparation system using specific recipes preloaded on the PLC.

Capacities of the Crumb Rubber Molding

Can be customized the plant based on the type rubber product to be created. In our technical background we have many different configurations, each specialized by type of product in order to obtain the highest production performances.

Specifically, the crumb rubber molding plant shown in the Slider, consisting of 2 presses machine, operates 24 hours a day with a production of 405×405 tile model products in various thicknesses from 15 to 50 mm.
The hourly productivity is 18 m2/h for a daily production of 432 m2.
For this kind of production, on thickness of 40 mm, crumb rubber with a grain size of 0.8-4mm are used for over 9,000 Kg.
An excellent result of reusing the production of a tyres recycling plant, which absorbs 33% of the hourly production of rubber granules.

Rubber product Molding plant from recycled tyres