Tyres shredder Crusher Car & Truck | Powerful energy saving TISAURUS 180

The Shredder TISAURUS 180 is a specific powerful machine for shredding end-of-life car & truck tyres. The crusher Shredder is a key primary machine for a tyres recycling plant. Below we list the characteristics of the Shredder

The aim of tyres shredder

Reduce the car or truck tires into coarse pieces for the next processing phases. It does not have a calibration grid inside the grinding body made up of two rotors in order to energy saving. Powerful production for Tyre derived Fuel market.

Tyres crusher capacity

It has a peak cutting capacity of 24,000 Kg/h car and truck tyres in the first step, which is reduced in combination with the disc screen module in order to obtain a controlled calibration of approximately 100<>150 mm per side of the shredded material.

In a plant combined with screening, productivity stands at 6,000 Kg/h of Tyre Derivered Fuel with an energy commitment of only 0.011 kW/Kg, placing it as the best on the market for transformation costs.

Cutting Blades group

Tested for a long time by customers, shredder TISAURUS 180 offers maximum guarantee against accidental breakages thanks also to the torque limitation systems inserted on the transmission system.
The cutting edges, made in interchangeable sectors with the simple opening of the hopper, make it its strong point having optimized the quantity of bolts on which to operate in order to replace the entire grinding package (about 10 hours of work) compared to other versions which require carry out a system shutdown of up to 5 working days.

With our Spare-Part Service, the customer is covered for life by the purchase of a new grinding set since, after the initial purchase of a replacement blade set, he does not need to purchase additional ones for the entire working cycle of the machine in the years to come.

Body machine TISAURUS 180

Created taking into account any long-term extraordinary maintenance with a simplified method of opening the rotor compartment for inspection of the bearings.
The rotors are protected by special covering made of anti-wear material which requires long-term replacements.

The machine is served by a customized electrical panel from which the shredding process is controlled by determining speed, processing torque and electrical absorption.

Market for shredded car and truck tyres

From this shredding phase we obtain the first product on the market aimed at feeding kilns for cement plants and power plants.
In fact, shredded tires have for some decades become the alternative fuel to carbon coke for powering blast furnaces both for the energy supply and for the harmonic steel component which, in the case of cement plants, reduces iron oxide emissions for cement production.

CRUSHER SHREDDER TISAURUS 180 | Powerful production