Rubber granules coloring plant is the result of years of experience in the production of products for recreational and synthetic turf sports applications.

The selection of dyes, binders and the quality of the product to be treated open up new market outlets compared to the original black crumb rubber and at same time make the recycling of used tyres more profitable.


Plant is capable of colouring, in a single automated step, the rubber granules in different colours based on the dye mixture.

At TIRES, a lot of time was spent studying recipes to achieve the goal of making the colour last over time both through exposure to UV rays and abrasion.
The injection of the coloring chemical occurs in two phases with which a resistant and elastic capsule is created on the surface.

Capacities of the Rubber Granules Coloring Plant

Process occurs cyclically in which the granule loaded in instant weighing through a double Big bag emptying station, on a mixer of our production, carries out pre-treatment and chemical injection cycles according to a pre-set recipe on the machine.

The recipes that are a fundamental part of the process are preloaded to obtain Red, Green, Blue and Brown colours.
Productivity is approximately 1,500<>2,000 Kg/h, variable based on the colour recipe and ambient temperature.