Automatic Tyres Debeader machine | safety double hook ST250

Debeader ST250 is a machine with long testing experience produced since 1999 for recycling truck tyres into plant.
Over time, technologies have been implemented to make it communicate as an Industry 4.0 interface in order to deduce productivity, energy absorption, maintenance cycle.

Aim: to remove from truck tyres the toroid composed of harmonic steel filaments with Hydro double hook in total safety.

Automatic Debeader ST250 : machine in action to remove wire steel truck tyres

The machine is completely automated since the operator inserts the truck tyres to be debeaded into the protected area. 

The machine carries out its work by lifting it in centering with the two hooks, lifts further to be able to hook the affected area to the harmonic steel toroid, and performs the pull by tearing, modulating the speed based on the operating pressure.

It is unique machine in the world with this predictive artificial intelligence ability to adapt to different types of tyres in order to have a high % success rate of the debeading operation.

Why use debeader machine for recycling truck tyres?

Although it is an additional phase in a tyre recovery process in which an operator can debeaded up to 25 tyres per hour, the benefit consists in the reduction of breakages and sharpening maintenance of the shredder and granulator cutting edges.

In fact, the harmonic steel with a section of approximately 20 mm in apparent diameter will not be subjected to cutting processes, thus wearing out the knives.

Furthermore, the steel extracted has a higher market value than the part of the filaments ground from the granulation phase.