Refiner Mill | Tyre recycling machine from mulch to rubber granules | MU1600

Refiner mill MU1600 is a recycling machine designed for processing the Rubber Mulch coming from tyres recycling plant.

The most important peculiarity concerns the possibility of reducing the size incoming mulch up to 2.5 mm granules in a single step.

Below we list the characteristics of tire mill.

The aim

Reduce the particle size of the recycled tire chips and free the textile fibers as well as the residual metal filaments for subsequent separations.
By replacing the grid by hole size, different grain sizes and productivity can be obtained. The larger the grain size, the greater the residual impurities.

Capacities of Tyre Mill recycling machine

It has a peak input capacity to obtain a grain size of less than 4 mm of 1,400 Kg/h which in the working cycle of new blades and worn blades stands at an average of 1,000 Kg/h.

Increasing the size of the grid hole results in an increase in productivity at the expense of optimal separation of the textile filaments in the subsequent stages of the line.
With its 110 kW of installed electrical power, and the automation in regulating the incoming and outgoing product flows, the machine produces with an absorption of only 0.12 kW/Kg.

Cutting group

Made up of 24 rotating blades with scissor effect cutting configuration, it acts individually on 4 sectors of fixed blades to quickly obtain the volumetric reduction.

The blades can be resharpened by removal using a Surface Grinder up to the minimum size declared in the manuals and the cutting clearance adjustments are corrected on the template before reassembly in the machine.

Body machine

Created taking into account any long-term extraordinary maintenance with a simplified method of opening the rotor compartment from above.
The rotor benefits from water cooling, connected to a closed-circuit system via Chiller, which maintains operating temperatures below 50 °C. Avoiding the risk of fire in the propagation of textile dust in contact with residues of harmonic filaments during refining.

Machine integration in the recycling plant of end-of-life tyres

The machine is placed between the chip-fed silos and the module for textile separation.
In our “Refiner Module” project there are all the systems that allow the granule to be cleaned of textile impurities.

The machine is served by a customized electrical panel from which the process control of the “Refiner Module” takes place by setting the input load capacity and thermal control parameters.

Market for used tyres granulate

The main release on the market is a product with a grain size of less than 4 mm. Divided into grain sizes 0.2<>0.8, 0.8<>2.5 and 2.5<>4 mm, it covers the use of 90% of the world market.
The applications range from use in sports surfaces such as synthetic turf, athletics tracks, playgrounds, to those for industrial use such as the production of anti-trauma floors, soundproofing panels, and street furniture products.

Refiner tyre mill MU1600 in production